My baptismal name is Alexsander Nascif de Barros, professionally known as Alex Nascif, son of a Brazilian warrior named Rosilene, born on 04/09/1987 in the city of Juiz de Fora-MG.

     Like every child I also had a dream, to be a soccer player, but it was not possible. God gives all his children a gift, my divine gift was the leadership. From this very early on I showed traits of taking the lead, be it in schoolwork, debate, bare and even commanding newer teams in interclasses

      Over the years, I had the opportunity to participate in football teams in the city, never to play at a high level, but this did not make me give up, just focused my focus, and was reading the book of the master Bernardinho that I identified, when he says in a passage: "I learned most of my skills as a coach, being the player reserves, I learned more as a backup, than playing itself".

   I graduated in Physical Education and recently graduated as a futsal coach for a team in the city (Cascatinha Country Club - 2 years and 7 months). I continued my academic and professional training, completing two postgraduates (UFV Football and UFJF Sports Training), isolated disciplines of the UFJF Masters, CBF License of Level B Coach, Internship at AS Roma - Italy, among others.

    My career in professional football began in 2011, when I had the chance to join the Tupi Football Club, then led by Prof. Ricardo Drubscky, and bleeding himself Brazilian Champion Series D -2011. After my departure from Tupi, I continued my technical assistant career in several clubs, National EC, Ferrroviária SP, Tombense, América Mineiro, Ipatinga, Tupynambás, Cuiaba and Paysandu. I acted as coach of Uberabinha / UFJF U17 team in 2016 and 2017 and in Asepel / UFJF in 2018.

      This is my small trajectory to the present day. I'm a hard worker, I've lost a lot of things, but deep down I hope to win my biggest gift, to realize my dream, to coach a Brazilian Serie A team.